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Find cheap First Class flights by using this page. Bookmark our page for easy reference. Flights are cheap during certain seasons while more costly during other seasons, and this includes Business Class too. First Class flights (and Business) have advantages of leg room, access to drinks, seat breadth, comfort, and service.

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Business Class Tickets and First Class

Business class (also known as executive class or upper class) is a high quality second-tier travel class available on some commercial airlines and rail lines. Its level of accommodation is higher than economy class and domestic first class but lower than international first class. However, many international airlines offer only business class as the highest level of service. AirGorilla offers great deals on this airfare.

First class is the most luxurious class of accommodation on a train, passenger ship, airplane, or other conveyance. It is usually much more expensive than business class and economy class, and offers the best amenities. The first-class section of a fixed-wing passenger aircraft is typically located in the very front of the aircraft. However, many commercial carriers have completely removed first class altogether from their international flights, only offering business class as their highest level of international service. First class passengers are usually granted access to lounges at airports while they wait for their flights (Adapted from WIKI).

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The first business class seats were offered by Qantas in 1979. On November 1, 1981, Scandinavian Airlines System introduced EuroClass with a separate cabin, dedicated check-in counters and lounges for full-fare passengers. Simultaneously, first class disappeared from their European fleet.

In 1974, KLM was innovative in introducing a Full Fare Facilities service (FFF) for its full fare Economy Class passengers FFF was the forerunner to what is now Business Class.

On the other hand, the airlines of Europe and much of the rest of the world brand the premium product on shorthaul two-cabin aircraft as "business class". European carriers generally offer a "business class" consisting of enhanced economy seating with better service. There may be a curtain to separate business from economy class, based on demand, but the seats are in the same cabin. Some airlines such as Lufthansa and British Airways use convertible seats that seat three people across in economy, or adjust with a lever to become two seats with a half seat length between them for business class use.

In the United States, business class is usually only offered on intercontinental and long-haul flights, including certain transcontinental flights. US carriers generally designate "first class" as the premium product on domestic two-cabin aircraft. In Canada, Air Canada calls its domestic business class product "Executive Class", which evolved from a premium economy "Connoisseur Class" that was available for full fare paying coach passengers, essentially a guarantee of a vacant adjacent seat if possible and free alcohol service. Domestic First on Air Canada, available only on wide bodies, ceased to exist from 1992 as did International First, replaced by a somewhat diminished "Executive First" class.

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