Frequent Flyer Programs

Can I Earn Miles? - Yes. When you prepare to purchase, you may enter frequent flyer numbers for passengers as well as the name of the participating airline. Be aware that not all flights you book may qualify for the plan you have. Code-sharing, special agreements between partner airlines, wholesale rate conditions, and other restrictions may apply. A few fares cannot be "upgraded" using frequent flyer miles, and its not possible for us to tell you which fares those are. To learn more about a particular airline's plans, you may visit their web sites using our Airline Contact page. Any information you provide we will enter into your reservation. A few airlines may have trouble acknowledging this information, so please reconfirm your frequent flyer status during check-in at the airport and save your ticket information as proof in case the airline fails to grant miles to you.

Can I Use Miles I Already Earned? - We cannot use your frequent flyer miles to pay for a flight you book on our system. To use such miles, you must book either directly with the airline or through a hometown storefront travel agency. As an internet company, we cannot support that feature.

Creating a Frequent Flyer Account? - We cannot create a frequent flyer account for you with an airline, as only you are authorized by the airline to create such an account. However, you may book on our site then create your frequent flyer account on a later date. We are not aware of any airlines that will not allow you to add a pending reservation, that you have made but have not flown on yet, to a new frequent flyer account.

How Do I Look Only at Flights of One Airline? - This would be helpful to do if you want to earn maximum frequent flyer miles. If you want to earn points on United's frequent flyer plan, for instance, you may have the best chance if you just search only the flights of that airline. Options at our web site allow you to select the airline you wish to fly on before beginning your airfare search query.